Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Library Research in Law Firm Environment

From Nick Worthington:

The last section reads:

Firm Libraries - Services, Not Shelves
Your firm probably has a library, and may employ one or more professional research librarians. It's most helpful to think of your firm library as a bundle of services, rather than a place where books are stored. (In fact, firm libraries tend to be light on books, due to space considerations.) However, firm libraries often provide excellent research and retrieval services that more than make up for the lack of books onsite. Most large firm libraries have an extremely speedy system for obtaining books of all kinds for you - either from other libraries or by purchase. Often journal articles, or even books, can be obtained from offsite in a matter of hours. If you identify a treatise or other research source that you suspect would be helpful - ask-you may have it in your hands just a few hours later, and it could save you and your clients significant time and money.

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